Offline from Facebook.

From January 1st 2019 I will be offline from social medias especially Facebook that I will inactivate indefinite.
I need to start focusing on myself and my family cause I haven’t felt ok lately and been stressed and all with all kinds of stuff like taking on to much work and starting new projects and so on.

So why inactivate Facebook?
I need to do this cause I can’t control myself from starting facebook to look thru if there is anything interesting to read (which there isn’t maaaany times)

Why from January 1st 2019 and not now?
Well it is my new years resolution to stop using social medias so much and start doing other stuff than looking at the d*mn phone all the time!

However I will be available at kentvalden ( at ) if you need to get in touch and if you want updates on what I do you can always check this space.

So until I pop up again on Facebook (if ever) Have a nice 2019 and take care of yourself.

Regards Kent ’Trace’ Valdén