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New 2 EP release called To Eternity.

augusti 26, 2023 Kent 0

A new EP with 2 track in style of synthwave, dnb, electronic is coming soon.Below is a link to prewievs.

Progressive house music

april 1, 2019 Kent 0

Made my first try to create some progressive house and I think it goes well.Here is a preview of it for now. The hihats is alitle off but has been fixed for final version, also the snare/clap is no good and has been fixed.

Falling stars

november 5, 2018 Kent 0

I must say that I really love MMV, It can do pretty much everything I want to do and have searched for something like this for ages. I made a track And came up with an idéa and this is a small part of it. I’m not satisfied with the bells so those will be tweaked. It’s only the melodies in there atm for testing the fx. Please comment below what you think.

(80’s ambient) 3/4th and a beat

september 3, 2018 Kent 0

Made in about 2 hours in 3/4th beat. Kind of 80’s ambient style. Started with the melodie in the beginning and the rest came naturally.Repetitive but who cares, that’s me…. right 🙂