Purple Mountains

januari 14, 2020 Kent 0

Made 2 images called Purple Mountains using Aerialod by ephtracy Purple Mountains Far Purple Mountains Close

Falling stars

november 5, 2018 Kent 0

I must say that I really love MMV, It can do pretty much everything I want to do and have searched for something like this for ages. I made a track https://soundcloud.com/powertrace/down-and-beyond And came up with an idéa and this is a small part of it. I’m not satisfied with the bells so those will be tweaked. It’s only the melodies in there atm for testing the fx. Please comment below what you think.

c64 intro idéa

maj 30, 2018 Kent 0

If any c64 code wizard want’s and is up for the task to create the code for this intro idéa please do and let me know so I can make music for it 🙂 The idéa is that the cursor writes a chosen text and then morphs into a drop while falling to the border making a wave. To make it even more advanced,  a scroller in the bottom border that get hit somehow from the wave aswell…