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Working on a game…

I am working on a platform game at the moment and this is a realy early screenshot mockup preview of it.

Updated: 16 februari, 2017 — 20:20

Propellerheads Reason Tweaks

Added a page with Reason tweaks I have done on the Videos tab.

Please add some comments to the right what you think of my site and all.


Reason tweaks


Updated: 16 november, 2016 — 21:47

WaKe handle

wake_webwake_web2Thinking of changing my handle to WaKe. I asked ppl what handle they would give me and one person said WaKe (Walldén Kent)
This is a draft of how it can look like.

Updated: 25 mars, 2016 — 19:03

Makeing c64 sid’s again.

I have now released my first sid tune since the 80’s called “Enjoy the Funk!”


Updated: 3 maj, 2015 — 01:04

Just a short story…

complete this sentence: ” Do, or do not…..,”

and you will win a all payed vacation at beautiful Alderaan.  Wait what? he did WHAT!?!? ehm we got a problem, aparently Darth Vader had blow Alderaan to pieces…. hmmm ok well I am your host so….  *explosion* what?! wait!!! Darth Va..aaarghhh …  *choo phhhh*………..   NO… I…*choo phhhh* am … your …. host!!!

Everyone…*choo phhh* Welcome….. to my *choo phhh* camp DEATH STAR!!! HA HA HA HA

Updated: 16 november, 2016 — 21:48
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